MDRC is a friendly Riding Club which is run by a very small Committee for the club members. All are unpaid volunteers and without help it would be impossible to provide the Events that we do. To keep the club running smoothly we need your help !

During 2018 some events were at risk of being cancelled due to lack of available help, cancelling such events would be a significant detriment to the Club’s overall financial viability, so it is also in your own interests to help whenever you can in order to safeguard the Club’s very existence.

You don’t necessarily need to commit to a full day (although for continuity it helps us if you can) and many people who already help can only manage a morning or afternoon, so your half-day would help us to cover these vacancies.

If you feel that you are not qualified to help because you wouldn’t know what to do then you could always come and work with a more experienced volunteer to “learn the ropes”

Some jobs require a certain degree of ‘horse sense’ in most cases it is just common sense. Even if you are not ‘horsey’ there are still jobs that we need help with from administration tasks to helping us set up before and clear down after events.

As well as being part of a friendly riding club we will provide you with refreshments throughout the day.

If you are interested in getting involved then please feel free to contact anyone on the committee by phone or email